1. Tumblr changes

    You will have to wait a while before I can get rid of the buttons again.  That is, if you want to get rid of them.

    I am entering finals time and also have a job so I’m too busy to fix it until probably the 12th when the semester ends

  2. Would any of you just want some simple hacks to add with your current theme?

    I have some that I do for myself I thought maybe some of you would want to share

    • unclicked images in text posts are larger
    • smaller text in fanmails (probably more preferred by roleplayers but anyways)

    that is really all I got… if there is anything you may want me to see if I can fix up for you .. shoot it my way ^-^

  3. The 1st Story SS501 Dash Theme found: here - follow this blog for updates
  4. fixed! enjoy!

  5. stand by for Chrome fix to latest dash theme.. I got a little excited and forgot to fix it for chrome too.

  6. Green SS501 Dash theme found: here - Follow in case of dash updates
  7. All themes are hopefully up-to-date!

    so if you were missing a background then reinstall!

  8. Give Me Your Heart - Romeo Blog Theme: found here
    Give Me Your Heart - Romeo Blog Theme: found here
  9. I have discovered I need to go through and fix some of my older dash themes since the place I uploaded the images no longer is available.


    hassles…. but I’ll deal with them when I return home

  10. ss501dashthemes:

     My Precious One MV dash theme found here